Child Custody

kidsIn a child custody dispute the court must ordinarily establish a parenting plan that provides forshared parenting that is in a minor child’s best interest. Shared parenting means that both parents are responsible for the major decisions which affect a minor child. In determining what is in the best interest of a minor child, there are no presumptions for or against the father or mother of the minor child while creating or modifying the parenting plan.

The court must take all into account all current relevant and appropriate information in order to make a fair and reasonable determination of how the minor child’s best interests will be served.

Once the court makes a decision regarding a parenting plan and time sharing schedule, the court may issue an order allocating responsibilities for certain decision making and the care of the minor child.

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Family law court orders pertaining to the custody and visitation of a minor child often address issues such as:

  • Child custody and visitation plans detailing when the child or children will spend time with each parent
  • Parenting plans, including primary custody, visitation rights, and obligations
  • Determining which parent (or both) will have decision making authority regarding school related issues, extracurricular activities, health care and other important matters for the child
  • Determining the amount of child support to be paid, and by whom
  • Other specific issues which may be unique to the specific child custody or visitation case

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