Child Adoption

kids-holding-the-armThe adoption of a minor child is the legal process by which a parent – child relationship is created between persons not related by blood, or related by blood in a relative child adoption. After a successful and lawful adoption the adopted child becomes entitled to all the privileges of a minor child born to the adoptive parent.

In the State of Florida, a child may be adopted by:

  • A husband and wife jointly
  • An unmarried adult
  • A married person without the other spouse joining as a petitioner, if the person to be adopted is not his or her spouse
  • A married person without the other spouse joining as a petitioner, if the other spouse is a parent of the person to be adopted and consents to the adoption
  • A married person without the other spouse joining as a petitioner, if the failure of the other spouse to join in the petition or to consent to the adoption is excused by the court for good cause shown or in the best interest of the child

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Under Florida Law, the adoption of a non-blood related minor child is currently prohibited if the adoptive parent is a homosexual. An individual who has a physical disability or handicap may not be prohibited from adopting a child based solely due to their physical disability or handicap unless it is determined by the court or adoption entity that such disability or handicap renders such person incapable of serving as an effective parent.

The adoption process can be long and very complicated. Even the smallest oversight can delay or prove to be a roadblock in a person’s quest to adopt a child. Therefore, seeking the legal advice and representation of experienced legal counsel may provide the best opportunity to achieve a successful adoption of a child.

When involved in adoption and family law issues in Osceola County, Orange County, or the surrounding Central Florida area, hiring an experienced adoption attorney or lawyer may provide the best opportunity to achieve a timely and successful adoption of a minor child.

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