Alimony, also commonly referred to as Spousal Support, is the money that is sometimes required by the Court to be paid by the spouse with greater financial means, i.e., a larger source of income in relation to the other spouse.

Family Law Courts address alimony / spousal support issues on a case by case basis. Contrary to popular belief, alimony is not granted in every divorce case. If the marriage lasted for only a short duration a presumption against an award of alimony often exists.

When reviewing an alimony request, the court often considers:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The respective ages of the spouses
  • Health status of each spouses
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The occupations of both spouses (as well as their income)
  • The vocational skills of each spouse
  • The contributions of both spouses to the marriage
  • The conduct of the parties during the marriage

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Essentially there are five types of spousal support (alimony):

  • Temporary spousal supporttypically occurs in cases where there is a demonstrated need by one spouse and the other has an ability to pay and it is designed to assist the lower income earning spouse pending the resolution of the divorce lawsuit
  • Lump sum spousal support: is a one time payment of a set amount
  • Rehabilitative spousal support: is designed to assist the lower income earning spouse for a specific duration of time while she/he is trying to increase her/his earning ability
  • Permanent spousal support: is awarded in marriages of long duration and typically does not end until the payee spouse dies, remarries or is in a supportive relationship with someone else
  • Bridge-the-gap spousal support: is a type of support which is of a short duration and is designed to assist the lower income earning spouse until her/his post divorce source of income begins to develop

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